Please notice that this map still is in beta form. The land of Erinats is the land of all people who likes to dig mines. That is all for now. Installing this map: 1. Extract the world3 map to your minecraft saves folder. 2. Start up minecraft. 3. Enjoy If you already have a map on world3 that you want to save, just change the name of this map to world1,2,4 or 5 depending of where you want to have it. Enjoy!

The land of Erinats BETA*
lol1234 - - 1,765 comments

it's... all brick... (other than the obvious signs and windows... (doors too :P)

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RedTiki - - 221 comments

i see some glass!

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warbrand2 - - 392 comments

way to much brick.

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Hidraga - - 201 comments


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RangerC - - 1,484 comments

change the floor :P

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gkkiux - - 20 comments


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Xirius - - 53 comments

I like :D

(Reminds me of that old Windows 95/98 screensaver 3d maze, needs a sand floor though!)

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Cake_ - - 86 comments

Mm, I remember that... good old days.

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TMtrue - - 29 comments

I remember that, I loved that screensaver. now whenever I set my screensaver it doesn't even load.

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flatline22 - - 151 comments

Humpty Dumpty would S*** his pants if he saw this

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Lopper - - 1,559 comments

I could invedit a bunch of brick and take 4 or less hours to do this

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Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

Yet another.

I'll give you a 2/10 .. At least you didn't upload a bare map that you thought looked cool >_>


But why upload that?

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leroyj2560 - - 20 comments

I wonder the same thing. The last great upload in a while was the Compilation map, which (KEY PHRASE COMING UP DO NOT MISS THIS) took many days of effort. Some of the biggest things players look for in a map include practicality, amazing building skill, and a general sense of epicness. I'm not saying it should be taken down, but why not revise the save so it includes, maybe, a mysterious ruined temple, or an epic mine of doom. And, maybe, add a little storyline that ties the two together. Maybe there are thousands of zombies inside the mine that were once the temple's builders...until they found something....

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leroyj2560 - - 20 comments

Overall, I give it 4/10. It's got potential ;). If you want any more ideas or just want to ask/talk to me about minecraft, post on my blog. I'll try to get back to ya within the day.

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SteveZombie - - 3,730 comments

Only impressive if you mined all the clay yourself.

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ackebacke Author
ackebacke - - 7 comments

Guys... this is a beta... Infact im thinking about deleting this and making a secret project (:O)

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flatline22 - - 151 comments

I would suggest you only add the final product for suggestions and improvements, otherwise people will just ridicu it till you don't want to finish it anymore.

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GreenMagicDust - - 344 comments

1 thing u used invedit or ingame invedit coz no body can have that much brick :P

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