PROLOGUE (CH1) is REQUIRED to play! The overhauled (2022) second chapter of First Sin, originally for Easter celebration Read the included instructions for installation. Created by Death gods only eat apples (Umbakarna and KiraImmortal)

The First Sin, Remembrance (Ch2) -- 1.1
thtbinkzyguy - - 52 comments

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, as you can tell i hated it, only joking :P im really loving what work is put into these mods 10/10 again would give more but it only allows 10

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KiraImmortal - - 1,055 comments

Alternative link on mediafire updated:

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TroHea - - 972 comments


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Damon93 - - 46 comments

I played both parts now and I'm amazed :) I really liked this part a lot, I don't think I have much to say about it.
Only thing I was dumb and didn't get the "green light" hint, so I was like, what do I do ...

I really freak out when I hear the new entities ... I think they remember me of stuff I don't want to remember, but ooooh so awesome :)

Please continue !!

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umbakarna Author
umbakarna - - 580 comments

Thank you sir, there will definetly be the 3rd chapter sooner or later, I am curious about it too. I hope it is not a secret if I tell that both of us from Death Gods only eat apples are quite active and there will be some more this year.

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frieman4993 - - 16 comments

Overall Chapter 2 was very good, but it was FAR too easy to die as the human. I ended up needing to reload an earlier save because I didn't have enough health to withstand taking a hit from the ghost lady when she first appears (I couldn't figure out a way to not get hit). If you're going to have permadeath, it should not be so easy to die and lose progress.

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