This mod is the beginning in an amazing TOTAL retex of Torchlight.

TET: Torchlight Enhanced Textures v0.9.5
evilreflex - - 195 comments

Ehh, whut?

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Rohan15 - - 26 comments

I can see a few minor differences. The stalagmites are a bit rough looking (But that is good) and the floor is a bit more detailed. Other than that I see no difference.

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dfg242 - - 4 comments

thanks for this mod!
I put the "media" folder in this pack in my "mods" folder, but I haven't seen any changes. Is there problem with my computer or my eyes??? Please, help me!!!

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Black.Talon - - 9 comments

I honestly have to say I see very little difference in this addon. I really don't think that this addon is worth downloading. That is just my say of course no offense to the creator.

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