TEAMBRUTES by Kaal"TheSinew"979 This great file - teammonster (from AS-GreatEscape) allows to have scripted pawns with support for the player team. Therefore I made new bruteclasses with colours and other UT like enhancement. Just put the team monsterspawn configs in your backup and use them on purpose (also options for health and damage scaling). Dont worry about fighting alongside with the evil brutes. Simply change team after starting and have them fighting against you. They now even act in DeathMatches - just try the DMmix list. P.S.: Theres still one bad thing i cannot fix - though the brutes attack the bots they dont fight back! And if you use the UTSPFix gametype the bots also kill their mates. Though still a great mod especially with the reworked hires skins.

Team Brutes V10

looks brutal thanks

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Kaal979 Author

Come back in one week or so - im
already working on version 6 which
adds abit highlight to the armors!

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