A small Hard Doom addon so the Super Shotgun drops in Ultimate Doom (and Doom II). This makes the mod easier and I suggest trying without it first. This version is for v7 of Hard Doom.

Super-Shotgun Drop (v7)

I do not think the Supershotgun makes Ultimate DooM that much easier, at least as far as I am concerned: since it is more effective than the regular Shotgun, it gets used more often, increasing my chances of running out of ammo. Also, its shorter reload time and short range encourage me to be more aggressive and take more risks.

When I play difficult Ultimate DooM maps (i.e. Maps of Chaos) with Hard DooM, I need to rely primarily on the Quad Shot to deal with the earlier appearance of higher-tier enemies and the stronger monster variants. But because it comes with a long reload time, I usually have no choice but to camp around corners to deal with the massive waves the mod throws at me, which is not particularly fun.

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