Su-57 skin based off the simplified "White Shark" paint scheme. Pattern based off a mix of 055R, 056 and 058.

Su-57 -Carcharodon-
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Awesome, and the engines are covered as well! Cheers!

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I'm confused about the paint schemes. So this skin is different from the special color, because it has painted engines, lighter color and a less diffuse color transition. Am I right? And how the three different product number patterns were inspiration?

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Default Special Color was based off the 055 paint scheme before the engine fire incident. The paint scheme was more bluish, along with the faded color transition.

055R, the same, rebuild one as above sports a simpler scheme with solid color transition and being dark bluish grey over white. 055R used parts from 056, so some parts looks differently colored. Engines are still exposed.

056 used the simpler paint scheme much earlier than 055R, but in different tone, being light turquoise and lighter grey instead. Cannibalized to fix 055 above. Engine was covered.

058 uses similar color as 055R, dark bluish grey over white. However, the underside, nose and tail tips have parts in turquoise instead.


As for the inspiration, I basically took the 055R and 058's dark bluish grey top, with 056's light turquoise body. Differently colored nose, side panel, and tail tip are taken from 058, but white instead of turquoise. Underside parts are light turquoise from 058. Engine cover choice are from 056 and 058.

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