Mobius 1's S-37A colors with ISAF and IUN markings for all slots on the Su-47.

Su-47 -Mobius1-
WZNGT - - 125 comments

"The S-37A was a transitional design between Ace Combat 3's Su-43 and the actual Su-47"
Hmmmm actually S-37 was just the development designation, and then they started to call it Su-47. S-32 was the ealier proposed version of S-37/Su-47 that appeared in some other AC titles BTW.

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WZNGT - - 125 comments

Oh OK, you were referring to AC04's 3D model where PA didn't have much information to create the model with and so it looked closer to AC3's Su-43 compared to the Su-47 models beyond AC5.

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Procyon_Durandal - - 54 comments

Finally a skin replacement for the mimic squadron skins, it was like having a duplicate skin (a wasted skin slot). Thank you. Nevertheless, at certain angles you can see the mimic squadron camo.

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ultrabooster10000 Author
ultrabooster10000 - - 5 comments

The files marked Su-47_0X_MREC-Flat_P are meant to remedy those - install the one corresponding to whichever slot you've got it installed on and it should correct the reflections.

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