A while ago I released our Lusankya SSD to EAW Files for free release. Well this is pack 2 I am releasing for Christmas. The pack features 4 models that have been used at some point in sote and were fully tested over the time they were in it.

SOTE Models Pack V2
rebel5555 - - 33 comments

Thanks for the late Christmas present!

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Velseen Author
Velseen - - 160 comments

If I forgot to include anything please just let me know and I can update the archive with any missing files. I think everything is in the archive though. The models are basically the first models I learned to rig for SOTE a while ago. They have since been replaced with newer meshes and textures.

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vinccenzzo - - 21 comments

God day Consulor, there are no icons to the models??

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wheelmandan - - 1,312 comments

what file do these go to and how do i do it?

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CommanderMcCarthy - - 182 comments

How do you install this mod???

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Skystalker97 - - 188 comments

Is this for putting in the game, or for making mods?

I would love to put these in my game, so I would like to know.

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Sistros - - 96 comments

Don't forget about turrets, they give models such life =). Phoenix rising mod has excellent models and textures in my opinion, it may help you. Keep up the good work

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KingSav3ge - - 373 comments

do these come with xml files

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Captain_Brandon - - 31 comments

Thanks for the models buddy.

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RebelnamedJazarak - - 17 comments

So, do these... you know, work in the base game?

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