Version 3 consisted only 2 COOP campaign maps to be used for FlameKnight7's Assault Coop beta 3.0. I have also added the sniper rifle by default with 25 rounds. The maps are: ac_Rebellion ac_Archive I had stopped work on the Cooler map which was referred as ac_Cooler. I have unfortunately lost interest in finishing it. I have also included the sniper modification for Mixer's "Contest Island - Invasion" which was at the time was version I have just recently checked the latest version which is now version I do not know if this modification still works for this version. The sniper modification was created for version You may try it at your own risk.

SniperModV3 for Assault Coop beta 3.0

Hey, do you plan to make new release for the coop-campaign? (with original enemies)

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so is ther still hope for this ?

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Deadmeat1971 Author

I'm not FlameKnight7. I modified these maps on my own (by studying as much I can on the .CRY files which FlameKnight7 provided in the beta 3.0). The letters 'ac_' are there to separate my maps from FlameKnight7 if he decided to finish the campaign (mod). So at this moment, I do not know the answer for FlameKnight7's intentions. What I can tell you is that ac_Archive and ac_Rebellion are campaign maps. I have also converted some previously in my SniperModV2, ac_Control, ac_Regulator, and ac_Steam. You may want to check out Mixer's "Contest Island-Invasion" as well which has his own COOP campaign maps (Catacombs, Dam, Factory, River, Swamp, Volcano, Training, Carrier, etc.). I have created this SniperModV3 to experience the best of both worlds (FlameKnight7's and Mixer's). Enjoy.

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