In 2010, humanity was enslaved by the Combine... Rebels managed to get control of an old soviet rocket silo at White Forest where they plan to launch a satellite into orbit to tap into an array launched from Black Mesa. However the rocket from Black Mesa was never completed thus making the array defunct... You are with a black box organization called Intelligence, which has a dark reputation for their ruthless pursuit of human superiority. Genetic experiments, assassinations, and covert operations against humans and aliens alike have assured them mutual hatred across all species. However these skills are what makes Intelligence nearly untouchable and you will utilize them to retake control of the Sector 2 research Labs, and launch an old Intelligence satellite array link into orbit. Whoever is in charge of Intelligence believes this will be the key to humanity's survival Failure will not be tolerated...

Sector 2: Intelligence

Although I like to concept and the back story there are however some good points and bad points to this mod.

In terms of technicality the mapping is very good, there are some good complex systems at work however the areas can seem a bit bland, I suggest typing 'junk' into the model browser and using some of those models in your level to add a bit more depth.

Secondly the map is way to bright in places and needs to be not only turned down but also the colour needs to be adjusted instead of using harsh white kight, use light with a more darker yellowish tinge.

Finally the gameplay in terms of combat I thought was pretty bad. I had to fight off multiple combine soldiers with just a piston [That had been moddeed so there were only 8 bullets to a clip] Unless I missed a weapon pickup you cannot expect the player to fight off that many combine soldiers and heavy zombies with just a pistol. Finally there seemed to be a lot of combine soldiers either spawning out seemingly nowhere and WORST of all, behind the player [One of the main rules of level design 'Never spawn enemies behind the player'}

In short I admire you technical mapping skills however more attention needs to be paid to the environments and gameplay. 7/10

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