Secrets is a map with several secrets in it. Once more Keeper 1 is in the firing line between two other keepers, this time with no protection or helpful creatures. They have gems but the other players don't - being attacked is inevitable. If Keeper 1 explores a little it might save his life. I have been unable to test this one due to the game spontaneously crashing whenever I press the Objectives button, randomly whilst playing and whenever I try to load a map made on this PC (even though they work on my brother's PC...). So, if there's anything you think could be improved about this map please tell me. To install extract all files to the maps folder in the editor folder in the data folder of your DKII directory.

Silencian Author

I have plans for a five-map skirmish thing, like a campaign, that can be done in any order. I just need to work out the story first. Nearly got it, though. :D

I think I may have finished it by Monday.

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Silencian Author

Sorry... I hadn't finalised the story until today, as well as what will be on each map. You have to challenge the Dark Gods for their power.

The Dark God's names (and what they're god of) are:

Vulcan, God of Constructions;
Etheria, Goddess of Magic;
Rock, God of Terrain;
Herne, God of Creatures.

The fifth god, who will be nigh impossible to defeat if you play against him at the difficulty you should play against all these at (Master Keeper level AI) is:

The Dark Keeper, Abaddon. God of Keepers.


Each dungeon has something different to make it difficult, culminating in the binding restrictions of the last map. :)

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How do i access those map packs you were talking about? With the 5 Dark Gods?

That is, assuming you completed them... :L

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