MAP NAME: Ripped Earth AUTHOR: Greybeard MAP SIZE: 30 X 30 AI: Default TILESETS USED: UTAS_Lava_SET_Lava_v10(beta) (Chinahook) Number of Players: 10 Features required: TA_Features_2010 NOTES: This is actually a test map for the new UTAS_Lava tileset by Chinahook. As such is is designed to make use of the various low coast, paths, and rivers pieces as much as possible. There's nothing much in the way of any heights, as those don't exist yet in the beta version of the tileset. The new tileset looks great, with a "new look" lava. The whole tileset has been migrated to height 86/75 (land/sea level) in keeping Chinahook's master plan to haaave all these tilesets work together, from a height and transistion standpoint. This particular map is designed to create a series of "rips" in the terrain, through which lava wells up. As such, they look like claw marks, on the diagonal. Metal is reasonably abundant, with a greater concentration on the terrain within the large central lake lake.

Ripped Earth
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