Since its taking a while for me to mod I decieded that the public would have to wait too long for a full map pack. So I have decieded to release them seperatly. I may update this when I have the time. Note this is the same file that can be found on Halo Files.

Reality ODST lvl 2 [OUTDATED] (Halo PC)
SteelTemplar - - 1 comments

Hey, I have been trying to download this mod, but it just won't work. When I look under maps in game, it won't show this map. Could you post a quick tutorial on how to get this to work? Like what folder to put it in and if you have to do anything to it.

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RC01/138 - - 131 comments

this is a sp map. play the second campaign level to use this

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CantShootStraight - - 133 comments

Any Idea when you'll make checkpoints?

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Spartan717 Author
Spartan717 - - 114 comments

I'm currently working on a new and improved version of this map, all the checkpoints will work

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CantShootStraight - - 133 comments

Thanks Spartan717 because spawning at the beginning after getting half way through on legendary isn't fun.

Needlers are the painful versions of acupuncture, you don't have to emphasize that by making it a two shot kill.


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CantShootStraight - - 133 comments


Hey, guys if you get stuck between two rocks somewhere in the second row just jump a little to your right (where you can fall) so that you won't fall but will be pretty close to falling and jump back to the rock you were on before you did the jump. (worked for me.)

Also when playing on all difficulties it's smarter to actually get rid of your enemies before they land.So pick up a weapon (preferably a brute spiker) and blast at the phantom. (you should be down to half ammo if using the spiker before the phantom explodes.)

Remember carriers (phantoms in this reality mod) are destroyable unlike in the original level so always use this to your advantage. ( saves the pain of fighting with them on foot and risk dieing ,Phew!)

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Crapheap - - 1 comments

maybe this is a little late, but you can run the map if you choose the mission "Halo" in whatever the mission select menu is called.

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