Map name: pl_mill Author: Infectedfury Description: A 3-stage Payload map for Team Fortress 2 in the alpine style of lumberyard note: map is designed for up to 24 players any more and map may be unbalanced Version history: --Beta 5-- large detail pass improved lighting objects now self shadow one way doors now have no entry signs cap 1-- modified walk way and door to the left of cap 1 moved door of middle building to be easier for blue. made door only open when cap 1 has been claimed removed wall that cover the door. side room at one way door now has a window with opening that over looks the rock need red spawn added pile of wood that can be climbed next to red spawn. expanded red sniper deck and cap zone. cap 2-- small wall added in the mill removed hole on over pass after cap cap 3-- expanded air vents so red can uses only when the 1st cap has been taken but cannot use when 2nd cap has been taken added new red spawn room when cap 1 has been taken. cap is close to battlements and air

PL Mill b5
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