In this mod the following has been changed: - Changed some prefixes / suffixes, which you will find out :P - Changed the multi-player file save names to dlinfo_*.sw and single player saves to single_*.sw - Changed the Rogue to the Amazon - Changed all the characters stats making them more even, here is a list of what I changed in them: Sorcerer: Str: 45 Mag: 250 Dex: 50 Vit: 80 Warrior: Str: 250 Mag: 50 Dex: 90 Vit: 100 Amazon (formerly known as the rogue): Str: 110 Mag: 65 Dex: 250 Vit: 100 - Added new base item's. One base item in particular is Amazon Mail: AC 70 - 85, Has built in harmony and infravision (Unable to change that because of the special picture I think) - Added 1 new monster and edited a few others. Goth: A witch type that shoot's Arrows, these girl's replace Succubus so instead of getting them all the time you get these wicked creatures. On levels 13 - 15. Monster level: 30 You can find out the surprise for the mage's yourself }:)

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