Greetings. This pack of textures improves to HD the original textures of the amazing map (made by Prospero): "Peasants Revolt". It is recommended to install also the texture pack: "BoD HD textures pack 2019, by MBK and Sryml". Notice: When using high definition textures, in large maps, sometimes there may be memory errors. Sometimes, some objects are not seen and then appear when the camera approaches, the game slows down or there are abrupt jumps... Some graphic modes cannot load such large maps with large textures. To play in big maps with high definition textures, the only graphic mode that works for me is "rOpenGl"; the other graphic modes ("D3d", "Voodoo") do not work well on my computer, because there are memory errors, then the high definition textures are not loaded correctly and then the game crashes.

Peasants Revolt mmp HD 2020
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