Operation: Reckoning is a free to download add-on for Duke Nukem 3D: Plutonium PAK (version 1.4)/Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (version 1.5) that contains 35 new levels, new voice-overs, and weapon strength modifications. Operation: Reckoning was created with the EDuke32 source port, the Mapster32 level editor, and the Audacity audio editor. (Read the INFO.txt file for more information.) Included files: .bat file: OR.bat .exe file: eduke32.exe .GRP file: OPRECK.GRP .txt files: buildlic.txt GNU.txt INFO.txt Installation instructions: Step 1: Unzip the OR folder by right-clicking on it and choosing the "extract all" option. Step 2: Copy and paste the "DUKE.RTS" and "DUKE3D.GRP" files into the unzipped OR folder. Step 3: Double-click on "OR.bat" to play Operation: Reckoning. Operation: Reckoning was created by Macabre Conversions. Total development time: June 20th, 2013 - March 20th, 2015.

Operation: Reckoning
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Hello Merciless,
I've tried this mod and I have to admit I was really disappointed by it.

I played your episodes and they seemed to me frankly uninspired and full of stuff here just for the sake of it.

Okay, I will be more detailed:

> you don't need 35 maps, especially if you are uninspired when making them. These episodes are full of generic corridors, square empty room, and more generic long corridors. Have you ever seen a building in real life made this way? I doubt very much because they aren't practical in any way.

> The map is full of explosion triggers. I don't know why you decided to add them, but there were times where the player has to use a grenade on a long corridor\ladder just to make sure the trigger gets activated and Duke isn't fried by these explosions. Have you ever seen any addon doing this shenanigans? Nope, because to be honest I was frankly really annoyed by it and I had to activate god mode in some levels to be sure you weren't trying to kill me.

> Some of the levels are made of one room, and this to me is simply unrespectful of the player. You are just making the player waste time with these levels, and they do not add anything to the experience, just more wasted time.

> There is a weird graphical glitch happening to the screen, right in the mid you got a white line that splits the screen in two. It happens only with this mod.

> You took the final boss of Duke Nukem - total meltdown and added it to the game, but when you face him, he seems to be a generic mob. It turns every three-five second into a mini battle lord, then once again into a gigantic cyberkeef, then once again into a battlelord. I frankly don't understand what's the point of this, it is all about disctracting the players and making him realize this is a mod.

> The beginning in most of the levels is really cheesy. You get pitted in a "arena", where you are in front of 20-30 monsters just for the sake of it. Boring.

What can you do?

> If you wish to improve and do it seriously, start by making detailed maps. If I was you, I would start by taking shots of real life buildings. Have you ever seen a shop made only of one line of shelf? Because that's what I've seen inside the last episode.

Then be consistent on how you add monsters, you don't have to make the players waste time, but you have to imagine how an overlord invading earth would think.

For example, a night club could hide a boss enjoying the view, a brothel would hide a lot of cops\generic mobs to enjoy all the models there,
a generic neighborhood could hide the game ending boss and so on.

If you need suggestions just pm me. Regards

edit: Read now this was made in 1998, so the guy won't surely do anything at all about it. Oh well

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