A frequent complaint about NOLF1 is the alarm noise that plays for the entire level if you're spotted. While NOLF is a great game, it is sadly not a great stealth game. This mod contains two files, one that silences alarms (enemy behavior is not changed, the area will still be on alert!) and one that makes them quieter by 18db (roughly half as loud). INSTALLATION: Extract NOALARMS.REZ and QUIETERALARMS.REZ to a folder named "CUSTOM" inside your NOLF installation directory. Start NOLF. Click "Advanced", then "Customize". Select the one you want to use and move it to the right by clicking "Add >". Check "Always load these rez files" so you don't have to do this every time you start the game. You're done! Enjoy your bloodless ears.

No One Lives Forever No Alarm n Quiet Alarm Mod

You deserve praise from the entire NOLF community.

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It doesn't seem to be working on my end. I load the "NoAlarms" file and I still hear the alarms in the levels. Any idea on how to fix this?

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BlarneyStone Author

What levels? I made this mod and just tested it on the mission "A Tenuous Lead" (as there's a camera in the very first area). It worked for me on a fresh install.

I just found out there is another fan patch called NOLF Modernizer which everyone should be using as it fixes many technical issues with the game. I just tested with that as well - this alarm mod is compatible with it.

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