A pack of old content and development material, contains work from me and the rest of the team, taken from different phases of development which did not end up in the game.

Nightmare House 2: The Lost Files
LordXamot(Cavou) - - 240 comments

How many people will be speaking in the commentary? Just Hen and the lead developers or will the voice actors also be commenting?

Just curious.

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robofork - - 752 comments

Extra stuff already? Nice :)

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KEEP_IT_UP! - - 1,444 comments

awesome! love such dev-stuff, thank you very much for showing these :)

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Seaalisgonefromhere - - 986 comments

Awesome! This is so awesome!

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Anbrad - - 257 comments

******* file front...
Seems fun downloading :D

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hotdog2449 - - 119 comments

no offense but i like the old nh2 maps better please make a mod with the old maps or please work on the nh21cells map PLEASE i just LOVED the old version because it was sooooooo much horror at once so i almost died when i played the map where you go inside the hospital PLEASE HEN7 PLEASE

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anthonyinbmore - - 146 comments

old zombies look familiar
and that lame picture is lame
but thanks to this now i know theres a madcell mplus how get nh_npcs heads
also LIKE STALKER SKIN ITS awesome as you now a combine stalker in a hospital full of zombies dont get attacted i now emily is a citizen skin
you did realy nice with all these pictures and why did you forget arm on one of those patient zombies i love madcell maps there awesome oh and i also put other scary maps in nightmare house 2 also on gmodorg i foound another abandon hospital map but without zombies so i made zobies in it oh and the creepy zombies are realy demons i know this becuase i was cheating oh yeAY emily when your inside you head i think she has a kill trigger around here and can you esplane that some citizens were shooting the ambulance in side your head on nightmare house 2 ohyeay easter eggs fun stuff LOL! this is awesome dr remero n00s like a girl baby girl and is there realy gonna be a nightmare house 3 is it realy gonna take place on the moon E M I L Y S voice do not scear me becuase waht happend to here voice like the nightmare huse proluge past map it was awesome guess what i have alot of maps on gmod and i put all them in nightmare house 2 if emily said theres gonna be a nightmare house 3 there better be and why would she say this is an esater egg!
and the announcer is a bitch why?
becuase shes retarded she suck a zombies ****

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Baugher117 - - 3 comments

I have to say this is one hell of a mod! Awesome job with everything to the mapping all the way to the soundtrack! Not to mention the well created story line! I have recommended this to all of friends. Would be nice though for a possible Nightmare House 3.

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Cosmin0 - - 15 comments


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