Space Naboo (with lots of auto-turrets) made by -[GT]EraOfDesann

Naboo Space (CW: Assault)
derpdolphin677 - - 60 comments

Very easy ... i thought it would be a challenge but i only got shot down maybe 3 extra times than i usually do by the turrets (4 times lol) a few rockets and its back down to a normal battle... maybe the turrets need to be permanent and not destroy able

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track1122 - - 1 comments

Fun :D

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epi0234 - - 69 comments

Is it similar to the epic Battle Over Coruscant mod map or not?

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tykylo - - 237 comments

Really the only difference is that it's not over Coruscant.

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Guest - - 696,470 comments

Naboo Starships?

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ashcroft2000 - - 80 comments

Very fun. Shame you can't set some turrets to just shoot at random points on the opposing cruiser though. They always do that in the films and even games.

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