This allows you to replace the in-game music with your own music. FYI: this is for the version only, and this is for people's games that crash/the music won't play properly when they drag and drop their own music into the Game Directory\music folder. Convert the .mp3 file to 128 Kbps bitrate instead of the 320 Kbps bitrate that the game uses. Make sure and retain the rest of the music's properties like the 44.1 Khz sampling rate, 2 channels, etc. I would recommend a program called Audacity to do the conversion. If that doesn't work(high pitch, music won't play, etc), then try adjusting the Kbps/sampling rate/etc until it works. The game is extremely picky when it comes to the music because it has to be encoded exactly the way it wants, so don't get frustrated if you tried everything and your music still won't play. Just a side-note: my 2 music tracks that I use that go well with the game are Socom 3's main theme and Star Citizen's Arena Commander launcher theme. Have fun!

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