Before the Ion Uzi, there was the MP5K: a prototype I made to see how easy it is to modify Ion Fury weapon sprites. I abandoned it a while ago but decided to go back to it, touch it up a little and release it. This is only a sprite and sound replacer: no gameplay changes whatsoever. Take note that because for reasons I can't remember (probably laziness), the charging handle and fire selector are on the wrong side. Sure it will bug the hell out of some gun nuts out there, but you're talking about a dystopian future where guns can fire flaming bullets. Maybe I'll change it properly one day, maybe I won't... Enjoy folks!

MP5K for Ion Fury
Echelon5 - - 25 comments

So this is super great and I feel like it looks way better than the original sprites. Is there any way to remove the fire bullets effects, though? Ever since release I've asked around and poked in the CON code but I haven't been able to figure it out.

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YijArt Author
YijArt - - 23 comments

Hello there, sadly I don't know of anyway myself, might be better to ask on the forums or the 3D Realms Discord.

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MattTheBadassDude - - 4 comments

Can you do a grp edition?

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