Hey, The second version of the mod pack is here: -Ui for npc, marked one, armors. -Helmet view effect are deleted for seva suit and changed for the "light seva suit" if you want use the new go to "choise the stalker suit". -So, 2 differents model for strelok Seva. -Novice suit and skinner anomaly, are the same visual (for wait the fix). -Bandit outfits, too. -Military suit with strelok face and ui. Good game at all, and see you soon ;)!!!

mods pack for Eng (V2)
jejeanarkoponk Author

Hi everyone,
Next update coming soon, I had rummage through some scripts ...
Now when you play with "veteran bandit brown suit" and "black master bandit suit" you will have a visual with the clean face strelok hd, also own UI ^^.
I wait a little to release because I could add 2 or 3 more armor, as "SKAT", "commando" etc ...
So soon ;) !!!

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