Hey^^! The V6 is here, for more details, read comments. Thanks, good game ;).

Mod pack for OGSE v0.6.9.2. Eng (V6)
jejeanarkoponk Author

Before playing, delete the previous version, start a new game!
In the V6:
-Strelok Blouse (when you have no armor on you), special thanks to "lambdist" for the help of this fonction.
-Basic textures for pseudodogs.
-Custum textures for vct_zombie_2 and zombies green.
-Textures of red dogs for brown, the dog (who create specter) is white, red dogs are now bulterer (ui coresponding).
-textures of zombie "trup" replace by "trupik" (with new ui).
-fix chimeras ui (vertical modification).
-ui for stalker masked with classic ogse ghost suit.
-textures of white rats replace by basic rats (coresponding of basic ui).

See you ;).

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Great, keep the good work !

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jejeanarkoponk Author

Hey ;)!
The news:
I play now at Oblivion Lost, so in same time, i create modpack for this game, when it's ok i post this on Mod DB ;).
There will be less of update for modpack OGSE, but the V7 is planned!

See you soon ^^

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