This pack contents textures for people who wanted to create maps for Mario Kart Source. You can now use them freely (even if there is some watermarks).

MKS Texture Pack V1
death5421 - - 342 comments

this is cool and all, but i think i speak for everyone when i say that we'd rather have the mod. but dint take this the wrong way, id rather you guys take your time to fine tune this mod!

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AlCool - - 3,112 comments

This is just them shouting out for some community maps, and giving mappers a headstart on that.

I can't see this in any way slowing down the mods production.

I personally would like to hear some more music remixes. The superstar is still my fav. Milky ftw!

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_Mapper Author
_Mapper - - 169 comments

Of course it would be better if you get the mod for mapping, but it's not really good at this moment to give a release.

But if we can't release the mod, nothing prevents us from giving some tools for helping the community who wants to create MKS maps :)

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zzrezz - - 24 comments

what are the entity names for "finish" and "start" lines and such...
im guessing the info_player_start is still a starting point?
got have a pretty cool idea for a track ;o

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_Mapper Author
_Mapper - - 169 comments

Atm use info_player_start (or deathmatch if you use HL²DM).
MKS will use mks_player_start after (you will just have to replace the entities).
No entities for finish line and other race mode things, since we just make the battle mode for the first versions.

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