The approach has changed, there are a couple of innovations: now there is a plot. The plot is presented by the narrator, and all the thoughts of the hero are expressed in the 3rd person. Plot: There is a LOK sector. People worked there, and everything was fine until the government fenced off everything with a fence and imposed a strict ban on visiting this place. And the main character Paul, an extremely curious young man, decided to get in there and find out what was so scary and dangerous, once fenced off. Now some terminals can give you text information if you use them, or some objects can be highlighted with a name, for example, a notepad on the floor if you click on it. The map was planned simply as an atmospheric adventure in the city, but turned into something more: a small adventure in the vicinity of an abandoned forbidden sector - Tested on GZDOOM 4.8, jumps and squats are used Resources : Knee-Deep in ZDoom (Tormentor667) Good Luck!

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