Model requested&provided; by 西蒙·莱利, this add-on require this Leopard 2A7 Plus to run, same as my previous one.

Leopard 2A6HEL
Fast&FPS - - 2,237 comments

Nice, I love to have this tanks. Anyways, does it comes with other skin too?

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A_Teletubby Author
A_Teletubby - - 204 comments

Unfortunately no

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Fast&FPS - - 2,237 comments

oh btw ty for this tank

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WarShadows - - 20 comments

Being Greek, all i can say is a HUGE THANK YOU!

It is always a nice feeling for someone, to see vehicles from his/her country, being imported/created, for a beloved game such as Battlefield 2! I dont know whether you created it or imported it. It doesnt matter actually. What trully counts, is that you dedicated some of your free time and effort, in order for this result.

As a reply to Fast&FPS;'s question,
It has and a second skin. A winter one. By doing an image search, using the term 'Leopard2Hel winter', its second skin will appear. It is actually the current one, with one exception. The brown-red parts have being replaced with white.

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Fast&FPS - - 2,237 comments

Oh ty for the info. I'm German but I do love to see our tanks in other country with their own variant.

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Owenwir - - 513 comments

Hey :D
So you finally decided to make a variant based vehicles?
Thanks for the Tank Tele :D

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FrostWolf02 - - 445 comments

Nice Greek Beast, thanks!

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