I watched The Leet World and i decided to make the DeathRoom

LeetWorld DeathRoom
Alex-a12 - - 116 comments

A death room... Alright...

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ghost_rider - - 211 comments

Yea, from Leet World. Watch it if you haven't, it's a great series.

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HungerSTGF - - 77 comments

Ugh, those who rated it low are just haters. It's funny if you've seen the show.

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IGotzNoSkittles78 - - 101 comments

You forgot the fog! !

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Awesome_ninja - - 809 comments

Like "IGotzNoSkittles78" said, you forgot the fog, and it's WAY too dark... In the series it was super bright

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RyanW2413 Author
RyanW2413 - - 76 comments

Im trying to figure out how to add fog...

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