a rather large minecart track that me and toastyface co-produced, its over 5km long and completely powered. (the glowstone was hacked, but thats all that was hacked) oh and rather than just saying it is bad tell me what was bad and how i could fix it

large minecart track
Martanz - - 479 comments

This doesn't look like something that's complete crap. I havn't downloaded it yet but I will then I get the time to. Then I'll give you some feedback :)

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MODupper - - 87 comments

Me too

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Zalnore - - 30 comments

cute house, i really dont like tracks that much :P

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BananaClip - - 1,130 comments

Why's it completely booster tracks? It only takes one bump with a chicken to send you the wrong way XD

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ShogunAssassin50 - - 506 comments

actually you can run over chickens

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MalekTaktak - - 178 comments


yeah only the glowstone was hacked, and a little 5km long of powered rails let's say, like if someone with half a brain will believe that, you used invEdit, and yet you're trying to fool us..

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els236 - - 34 comments

mate, who doesn't use InvEdit or TooManyItems nowadays? i mean like you could find that much gold in a map anyway? or that much redstone?

in fact it would probably be easier to find all that glowstone in the nether rather than the gold.

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Luigisno1 - - 322 comments

I dont use it, and I've made amazing worlds. I feel if you use it Minecraft looses that certain touch to it that makes it fun.

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Seaalisgonefromhere - - 986 comments

Glow stone is craftable.

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SteveZombie - - 3,730 comments

You know I actually sort of like this.

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ShogunAssassin50 - - 506 comments


the REAL gamers dont use! the people like you who have no imagination or are too lazy to look for everything are the ones who use the tools and/or hack. stfu noob i am not downloading something made by a noob!

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vessedeloup - - 72 comments

Lol, that's mature thinking.

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flatline22 - - 151 comments

I'm sooooo sorry, i meant to give you good karma but gave you bad accidently and now it won't let me take it back,so +2 to what ever your have now and that is the real amount of karma.

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invertus - - 60 comments

I bet your mother is so proud of you.

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brodur - - 184 comments

hehehe, noobs are funny, they entertain us, so entertain them dude xD

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flatline22 - - 151 comments

I would think that the term "noob (preferably newbie but noob when in rage) in minecraft would have a completely different meaning compared to other games, in other games it would be describing someone who is either a new player and still has yet to learn the ropes or just a player who still hasn't gotten the hang of it.

In minecraft however I would think that the term should refer to someone who lacks or has not yet understood how to manipulate blocks well enough to make something experienced players would call "awesome", which according to the image above (and not the map for i havent DL/played it yet) , i would say that the map is not really a wow factor but not the work of a noob either.
Maybe we could start a new term that refers to a player who uses hacks or other means to spawn blocks on command?

Sidenote: Big fan of tracks, wish i could vote but something has been wrong with the voting system for quite a while now and I cant give you a 8/10 :(

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Meat-Popsicle - - 104 comments

Eh, it's meh. Really messy. 6/10

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TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

I went and tried this out the other day, cause I saw I had downloaded it, but still hadn't extracted it to my saves folder.

Biggest minecart track that I've ever seen, inspired me for my own minecart track project that I'd like to be doing. And that was a pretty interesting 'fortress' you had going on around the middle of the tracks.

Even though, I don't like to be using editors, great job, I loved it.

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MinecraftLauryn - - 1 comments

Yeah .. so. I've been doing my research and trying - hard, but i can't figure out how to get in the cart and then go.

Also later, all of my carts fell off the track, so i've got to build a fence and add track around everything to make sure the carts dont fall off ....

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Guest - - 699,029 comments

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