Hello and welcome back to Kronus! This is a 7 player FFA map designed to replicate the Dark Crusade Metamap in appearance.

"Kronus", DOW:DC FFA scenario map by Fuggles

I did not get if these last maps (this,tank factory,jaguar desert,ecc..) are available either in Dark Crusade and in SoulStorm..
Here is written that it can be extracted even in SS directory,but the title of the addon is DOW:DC.
I'm a little bit confused..

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jONES1979 Author

The only incompatibility with SS is that custom maps does not support fliers properly. Fliers are stuck over impassable terrain.
But still you can use any of those maps in SS.

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jONES1979, I need some help with downloading this map, because every time I downloaded it gets block by my SmartScreen Filter and that's not all. Then tell it to download the file and after finishing the loading it restarts my internet explorer every time.
Can you help me?

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I figure it out now and have the map.

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