A Terran shipset from StarCraft 2. This one doesn't include subsets like the Protoss one. Does not have any default designs.

Koprulu Navy
Hand_of_the_Prophets - - 75 comments

What about the Gorgon Battlecruiser?

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Dalo_Lorn Author
Dalo_Lorn - - 113 comments

Oh, sorry, I didn't notice there was a comment. :o

Anyway, I checked every spaceworthy model in WoL and HotS (except the ones that had obvious cockpits on them, like Vikings), and, IIRC, the Gorgon relied on more than one UV map. Valerian's station does too, but the issue is only minor (look at the windows!) there and the shipset really needed a decent station.

If someone were to merge its UV maps, then I could incorporate that into the shipset - but until then...

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