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Created by: Jeroen "Zerreth" Van Wamelen & Jessy "The Wanderer" De Lannoit
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In our escape from West-Londen we took a chopper from an abandoned military base. Halfway to recon point omega up north we ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing on a helipad in an industrial area. We've probably caught some attention while going down, so be ready for combat. If intel was right, there should be a train down here, maybe that's our ride out of this shithole...


A very pretty map with lots of different sceanery - some bot path issues and the lack of the grungy feel that KF is really all about.

Overall not bad for a little map

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Technical[1.5/2.0] Specimen pathing, little or no glitches/bugs.
I have to give you credit for the spawn points on this map, I couldn’t find anywhere that wasn’t close to a spawn point, which made the combat relentless. I did find one minor issue though, in the warehouse with the trader there are some boxes that you can jump onto, then from there with knife equipped you can jump to another cluster of boxes that allow you to get onto the generator.
Flow[1.5/1.5] Overall play flow of the map.
I loved the battle flow of this map, the map is large enough to not get bored with it quickly, yet at the same time it feels so confining due to the large amount of clustered buildings. I had a fun time fighting in the damaged buildings and on the streets, and combat from location to location was seamless.
Polish[1.5/1.5] Overall polish of the maps' visuals.
This map is visually stunning, defiantly up there with Water Works in my opinion. And the amount of detail on this map is just jaw dropping compared to 95% of all custom maps. Lots of unique textures/effects that were nice to see.
Balance[1.5/1.5] No overpowered camping spots, able to fight in a multitude of spots.
I really couldn’t find any spots on this map that were “overpowered”, I had to keep on the move and fight where I could, seeing as I became overwhelmed in just about any location that I stayed in more than a few moments. I liked the maps layout, and it really allows you to
Theme[2.5/2.0] Overall Focus of the maps' theme.
The theme was great, the shipping dock was a great change of pace, and it’s a great addition to Killing Floor’s top notch maps. This map is definitely going to place high in Wave Two of the mapping competition.
Originality[1.5/1.5] Will award this point for original play features.
This map has some small unique aspects; I love what you did with the Trader signs! It’s a great signature touch that I think you should keep doing on your maps.

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zidanna Author

Thanks for the indepth reply of what you thought of it.

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Great Trader sign!
These were great, giving you direction to the next Trader location.
These pictures are of the "glitch" location that I encountered.
Some for fun pictures :)

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My second post is messed up due to me moving some of the pictures around in PhotoBucket, sorry for the 3rd post... I wish I could edit my old posts! I've reposted the picture and added some effects to them.
Great trader sign!
These were great, giving you direction to the nex Trader location.
This is the picture of the glitch location.
These pictures are just for fun.

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Generally nice clean up of the last few bug and suggestion posts from other forum users. This is a beauty throughout and plays solidly as well. Good job to the pair of ya's.


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zidanna Author

Wasn't really hard to fix those minor bugs, and because they proved to be a nuisance we didn't want them in the final build.

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the map looks good and plays good but it feels way too Valve, Half Life, L4D. but thats understandable, since being on steam, L4D players are now becoming KF players, so its a smart move to use this type of imagery but from the standpoint of someone who knows KF has a rich history, and plenty of its own imagery, it wouldve been nice if you guys would given it more of a KF flair instead of a L4D/Valve look, i know you guys can do it, and this is such a minor issue anyways.

really great map and im even more proud that you guys are just two dudes taking classes for this stuff instead of some ex Valve employees looking for an easy 10,000. if i was your teacher id be really proud you guys.

PS: dont write a glowing review about your own map, it looks like youre full of yourself/egotistical. IF you are going to do it, make a fake account at least XD

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Your map screenshot looks good, reminds me of l4d. Good map 10/10

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