UAC returns to the Earth Original geometry and textures by id Software Modifying, animations and porting by Sanguinato This is my first experience in working with models in 3dsmax. Now everyone can enjoy holding the chaingun from DOOM 3 with the hands of Russian heavy weapons master. He calls her Katjusha=)

Katjusha: Doom 3 chaingun
AlekZanDer - - 2,695 comments

Looks nice.

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Sanguinato Author
Sanguinato - - 7 comments

About illegal porting...
I know. But as I said on FPSbanana, id Software won't seek any reason to condemn this community, it's administration and me. This is not the new game with illegally ported model, this is a simple fan modification, my first work in the sphere of modelling. Also, the fact of porting the model from another game is NOT a reason to disapprove it to spoil therating. Some of the FPSbanana community members didn't think about it.

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=FF=Sturm - - 135 comments

True, as long as you credit to the DEVELOPERS of it, you can use it in mods, but only as GPL (free). You can't sell it.

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MrTambourineMan - - 717 comments

dumbguy123 is right - by doing this you violated EULA to which you agreed when installing Doom3 (and probably TF2 as well)."Id Software grants to you the non-exclusive and limited right to create for the Software (except any Software code) your own modifications (the "New Creations") that shall operate only with the Software (but not any demo, test, or other version of the Software)." - if you wonder how software is defined in D3 EULA: "BY CONTINUING THE INSTALLATION OF THE FULL VERSION GAME PROGRAM ENTITLED DOOM 3 (THE "SOFTWARE")"

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Croco15 - - 1,240 comments

Looks great! I personally don't think id software will care.

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Sanguinato Author
Sanguinato - - 7 comments

Slugear - THANKS! And what did you want to prove with this report? Did you see aim_zavod_yantar, the CS:S map? 50% of the props on this map are from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And nobody wants to say it's is illegal. I don't want to say that my work is as perfect as that map, but if you reported it - that means only that you dislike it and you want to show to the world that you know that such kind of modifying the game is illegal. Also, with help of users like you, other members, who would like this chaingun in TF2, will have no possibility to download it.
If it will be deleted from this community, this will be only with your help.

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Sanguinato Author
Sanguinato - - 7 comments

It was already deleted from FPSbanana so I'm prepared to see it trashed on the ModDB

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takmikula - - 73 comments

Id will not care i dought they seem to really like this kind of community well if you go and steal a crap load of stuff maybe but this just just cool

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Guest - - 695,706 comments

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