same as before on small arms and cannons....very small changes generally...but huge on mortars and artillery......many syrprises there........ just replace the attribarchive inside your Archive folder in the NHC mod installation (and back up of case something goes terribly wrong)

Hardcore NHC mod for Company of Heroes extreme
georgesamaras46 Author

high community...for anyone interested i have revised the last posted file here a bit and it fits perfectly to my personal preferences now...i have enabled regeneration (small amount,,the battles are almost the same,but some units like rangers, Knight Cross and british Commandos have a bit more. the same goes for tank units, a maus or king tiger have larger regeneration but can be killed...) to almost all units (soldiers & vehicles) cause sometimes it is difficult to check who is hurt and what excactly is going on... Also the bunker mortar barrage of axis can shoot 66 rounds per activation (i did this to use it as a light artillery- area denial unit... Also all artillery have been hugelly boosted in damage and have done small changes in range... Now the Hummel is the deadliest artillery piece in the game.. Cause some of these changes feel a bit over the top, if anyone is interested in playtesting..please tell me because i am not sure if i should post it....
generally this file includes all other modifications i did earlier.
-increase in damage and range of weapons.
-changes to hero units (now firefly ace is a badass
-small changes to default weapons of units (american engineers with bazookas)
-changes to all barrage weapons in damage and range.
-regeneration in the file i ask if anyone is interested in playtesting. (units like snipers have 0.3 to 0.4 for instance and rangers 0.2,,,,0.1 for any other unit it is easier to do penetration missions in enemy territory,,probably
All previous files biuld up..the first is closer to vanilla, this here has everything more boosted and changed..
Please post here if you like the regeneration ability, to post the file i am playing right now......

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At this point, I'll probably want to see if there's gonna be a harder version where it's literally 1 hit death damage for everything

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georgesamaras46 Author

well warmarine,,,it's very tough but passable (normal difficulty campaign missions) it is very adrenaline rushing experience for me,,,all fractions are equally balanced....besides, come on,,,it doesn't feel so "real" when 25 pounders go only like 200m or hit a tank and it loses 1/3 of its hitpoints,,or when the rifles hit 50m or campaign when you had a super pershing it was end of it simply isn't,,,anyway i will post the last file (i won't do further changes,,it makes sense now to me)

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