This mod adds a bit of thrill to the beloved Nhc mod for company of heroes....The weapon attributes have been doubled (inflicted damage and range) and in special occasions have been tripled (especially small arms)... It is more HARDCORE in terms of tactics and it is easy to lose....even in campaign and at easy.... Some weapons like mortars can shoot at full range with the attack ground button and not the standard barrage button...Beware of howitsers, mortars and rockets....certain death and base destruction is due when playing match.......The American fraction had to be boosted for balancing purposes.......Engineers with standard bazookas and riflemen with BARs.....If you check you will find out why......Stay away of Panthers, King Tigers and Jagpanthers (oh my f@$%ing God)...You have been warned........Just replace the attribarchive.sga (back up your normal attribarchive.sga to make the game playable at more normal settings if you are fed up with this...) placed at the Archives file..

Hardcore NHC mod for Company of Heroes

We did not develop this. It is georgesamaras46's work. You can beta test it.

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