The HAET-221 (short for High-Altitude Entry Transport-221) was a Republic hover tank/aerial artillery/dropship that was used during the Clone Wars. It did appear in Episode III during the battle on Utapau and pretty much nowhere else. It was armed with a main anti-vehicle cannon on top and six anti-infantry cannons on the sides. Overall the unit is a very mobile medium vehicle that while heavily armed is not durable enough to fight on the front lines directly. Its main advantage is it high speed and its ability to bypass natural terrain completely. Since the HAET-221 was equipped with powerful sensors, both of its abilities are related to this. It has a one-time use full-map reveal ability (to represent the HAET-221's mapping out a planets features before landing) and a sensor ping ability. It has its own landing craft since it was able to travel down from orbit under its own power, rather than having to be dropped off by landing craft.

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Damn dude, another one? Nice.

Do you have a list of stuff you are working/want to work on or do they just pop up in your head out of the blue?

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I don't really have a list. I wanted to start out by making the Clone Wars units that appeared in the movies, but don't have any available models yet (LR-57, HAET-221 and the Platoon Attack Craft). Afterwards, it will mostly be more along the lines of what strikes my fancy, rather than a fixed list (though I do have a couple of units planned).

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