Improves the blood for people who like blood and gore (it has no gore)

GTA IV blood Mod
hazzzyhaz109 - - 1 comments

thats not a mod

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flaillomanz - - 52 comments

you have almost as many downloaders as there are bullets in that pistol in the screenshot.

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MYxer42 - - 2 comments

i have ps3 wat will happen if i download it

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Miczelov - - 17 comments

hmmm... nothing? only PC version can be modified ;P Thats why we call consoles "closed platforms", and PC "open platform" ;]

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elek2008 - - 185 comments

Why are console players always asking that? How would he even download it? You cant open a rar on an PS3!
_ _
o o
Here's a smiley to show I'm not raging. Its a mime.

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