October 1992 (Fictive conflict ; fictives countries). Following the declaration of independence of the Republic of Grosnia, the Zorbians attacked different parts of the country. The state administration of Grosnia effectively ceased to function having lost control over the entire territory. The Zorbians wanted all lands where Zorbians had a majority, eastern and western Grosnia. Grosnian Patriots, the only group loyal to the Grosnian government, were an easy target, because the Grosnian government forces were poorly equipped and unprepared for the war. Grosnian houses and apartments were systematically ransacked or burnt down, Grosnian civilians were rounded up or captured, and sometimes beaten or killed in the process

Grosnia 1992
UkrainaGuy1111 - - 492 comments

Downloading and tracked.

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slapStick - - 121 comments

I really like the mod. Only thing i find a bit annoying is that both the Grosnian and Zorbian forces look the same. And it would of been nice to find some additional weapons laying around, or gettable through some camps.


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UkrainaGuy1111 - - 492 comments

Yea, maybe some rpg-7 or something. And fill up the empty boxes on the map please. Sad to fight all the way to get to a huge armory and figure out that you can get anything.

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sanglierbossu Author
sanglierbossu - - 26 comments

Thank you for those comments. (It's always interesting.)

(Sorry fo my bad english :)

slapStick, "Grosnia 1992" is like a civil war (in fact, a "pastiche" of the Bosnian war). The uniforms look the same because the belligerents are comming from the same original nation. And green camo always looks the same as another green camo.

CommissarBraxton, I don't fill up the empty boxes, because, in my mind, it's more funny to search through the dead bodies (too easy with a huge armory). But, maybe, for the others players, it's not so fun...
I note this for the next time.

Thank you. ----------> :-)

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bosnian_dragon - - 190 comments

I noticed that immediatelly as soon as I saw the year and the "Grosnia vs Zorbians" name. Very good mod! I was planning on making a mod of my own about this theme, since I'm from Bosnia and I know many details about the war from 1992-1995. I already made a few maps on my own, and if you're willing to make a collaboration we could make our own mod with modern weapons and like 5-6 missions maybe. Cheers!

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NAM-UK - - 48 comments

Loving the M60 and M206 in this the tanks are also Beasts, nice sound effects as well. the Map reminds me of Stalker in a way as well, oh yea the music in the Cabin lol..

Good map, hope we see more.

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suicidaire[fr] - - 2 comments

Slt SanglierBossu , donc j'ai un problemme au niveau de la mission des que je la demarre je n'ai pas d'unité .

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sanglierbossu Author
sanglierbossu - - 26 comments


Vu que les autres joueurs ne semblent pas avoir ce problème, je pense que c'est dû à ta version de Men od War.
Télécharge le tout dernier patch (1.17.5).
Vérifie bien aussi qu'un autre mod ne rentre pas en conflit avec Grosnia.

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FoxFort - - 1,552 comments

Grosnia hahahaha Grosnia-Bosina The failed Balkan state.

Three sides are equally guilty for the beginning, course and end of the war.

Anyway nice mod.

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bosnian_dragon - - 190 comments

Bosnia never failed and will never fail. It had some hard times because of the aggressors, and all those who say that all three sides are equally guilty is a direct supporter of the aggression.

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FoxFort - - 1,552 comments


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SaVioLa71770HKS - - 32 comments

cool mod but it would be better if it was more maps

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haukkumakkara1989 - - 56 comments

this most have map\mod for mow. too bad it's so short.Are you gonna make more maps similar like this one?

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math0104 - - 48 comments

for the install found it funny that you took the install tut from the Jungle fever addon (WASNT CALLING U A STEALER OR ANYTHING just found it humorous)

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orcus_35 - - 399 comments

pas mal du tout !

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RandomCitizen23 - - 145 comments

Pourquoi ne pas remplacer les T29 par des Btr70
ou un truc du genre ?

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kis12134 - - 181 comments

What is the ONU for.

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Stonewall88 - - 6 comments

i love this mod. my friends and me finish the coop mod.

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Wëẓṫ_CÕạẓṫ - - 6 comments

not working. mine gets error when apply de mods in option.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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MemeLord22 - - 31 comments

Is this the mod you used to make this mod/addon?

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