Duke falls in to an alien trap (those bastards). Now Duke must find his way out of this cave. But it turns out this cave has more secrets than Duke could have imagined. Ancient tombs, (formerly) sacred temples and an nasty alien plot that duke must stop.

great cave offensive
Ront1980 - - 199 comments

Tried your mod, but right after you go through the waterfall (in the first level), the screen starts to glitch like if you are having noclip activated.

The place where the glitched screen bug appears is the place where there is the blue key right in the middle of a grey building. If you go near the blue key you get ambushed.

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TruckStopSantaClaus Author
TruckStopSantaClaus - - 2 comments

Could you send me a screenshot?
Keep in mind this map has custom textures
you need to keep all of the files in the folder.

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Ront1980 - - 199 comments

Solved the issue. It was due to an old install of eduke. Updating it made it go well.

I will try it and then come back rating this :)

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Ront1980 - - 199 comments

Okay, I've played the map. I would rate it a 6.

--> I think that a good duke map should always start with an excuse to go hunting for monsters. Getting right inside the action is an approach that for me doesn't pay with Duke nukem, but pays more with Doom.

--> Given that the place you are in is actually closed, a player may wonder how duke got in that situation first.

--> I don't like how you've put the water section right before the place where there is the blue key right in the middle of a grey building. That makes the player have to effectively waste time looking to explore both sections, instead of making them "linked".

I will put an example: in the original duke nukem, the first level, you can explore the grates inside the bathroom and they bring you to the upper level, but you get behind a secret wall that can be lifted and actually links the level all together. Instead, the way it is right now with the cave offensive makes the player question himself whether he should keep exploring or not.

I got back and actually explored the other part of the level, but it was wasted time. You made a section entirely skippable without the player knowing it.

--> I liked the first secret (the one where you find the rpg right next to the alien lever), but to be honest I wasn't able to find the other three. By noclipping I've found another secret that makes you reach the jetpack, but I couldn't find neither how you are supposed to get here, neither where there are other secrets.

Looking forward to playing more from you.


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