Update to the latest version. Runs smoother... Packed with guns and explosives Two bomb sites and hostages to rescue.

fun_boxstack Map for Counter-Strike:Source
anni Author
anni - - 38 comments

if you find the physics too heavy let me know to try and lower the number of items? maybe take the m4s and the aks out of the picture, since there is a buy zone. but i liked the impact they had just dropping there for you...

please let me know what you think!

and thnx for trying it out!

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Awesome_ninja - - 809 comments

lots of props = server lag... not a huge one, but it's not very usefull, and removes the entire CSS concept...
So, to conclude:
*Not bad for a 1st-2nd map
*Somewhat complete map with hostages (!?!?!?!?!?!?) AND bomb sites

*There are stricly NO point of using hostages with barrels behind them, its just dumb
*OK, idk if it's only me, but um, there are BOTH objectives: bomb sites AND hostages, which makes no sense at ALL for CSS
*Explosive barrels!!!!!!!!
*The items all over the place
*You MUST!!! restrict the AWP / Auto-sniper and probably all the over snipers on that map, it's just insane how much people are camping
*Rename the map from DM_ to something more adequate, like fun_ etc..

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anni Author
anni - - 38 comments

The dm_boxstack2 is the same as the first dm_boxstack I updated both addons of the latest changes I made to the level design.
So you can try that for a more balanced game-play it only has buying zones for each team so it is striktly a death match.
No unnecessary missions because its a small map for the css users that don't like surprises.
That's why I made the second one to add some unnecessary game-play and props for fun, that for most users so far just ****** off because nobody likes to get exploded right at the start of the game, but there are options to avoid it, I think... or to do the same to the opposition.

Download the new dm_boxstack and give me pointers if you can for a more balanced game play with that as a base for improvement, with out restricting weapon usage.

Maybe a way around that will only give an option for close combat so the snipers lose the advantage?
and I will change the name of the second one.

THANKS ALLOT FOR THE POINTERS MAN! and thank you especially for giving it a go...

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