Hi, I am new to mapping for Half-Life 2 and this is my first map.

First Map
legoj15 - - 26 comments

You should probably play around with the env_light (or light_env I forgot) angles so that the sun is pointing down at the ground, not up (that would make it so everything isn't dark)

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GoreTech5 - - 242 comments

Welcome to the mapping community, mate.

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Goolog - - 42 comments

You should make improvements to this map as you learn new things.
I've got some nice little improvements and tips that you can use:

1. You should always put lights below the model itself. So in your case, you have your lightbulb model on the ceiling. It always better to put the light under the lightbulb so that the ceiling isn't so bright.

2. Since you have a skybox in your level, we always use a light_environment to give us actual sunlight. Your map appears to be set in the daytime, so if you put in a light_environment entity and use the Pitch Yaw Roll setting in its properties to point the sunlight to the ground, you can have daylight in your level.

3. I would also recommend experimenting with different colours of lighting as this can give a different mood and feel to parts of a level. For instance, a light orange light can give a warm feel to a room and red can make the room feel obnoxious, making the player feel discomfort. I also encourage you to try using the light_spot entity. This light entity will give you light in the form of a spotlight, like what you'd see on a stage.

If you'd like some more tips. Just hit me up in the comments. I'd be glad to help. And also, welcome to the mapping community. ^^

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bhop123 - - 71 comments

i ported this to half life source its not posted anywhere but i just ported because

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