Since the original Far Cry has different firing sounds for player AW50 and M249. So from now on you can fire with the same audio as mercs.

FarCry Weapons Identical Audio Fix (outdated)

M249 SAW has 2 different sounds in 1st person and 3rd. Ypu can notice that inultiplayer when someone shoots at you with it.

Not sure about sniper having 2 different sounds...

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Kavendine Author


Firstly yes you're right about the M249 1st and 3rd person firing sounds are both 3rd person firing sound, which in far cry beta version was used as a M4 firing sound, so I agree with you. :D

Secondly sniper rifle has two different firing sounds for 1st and 3rd person in singleplayer mode, in multiplayer it hasnt. There is a difference, because multiplayer and singleplayer weapons have different codes written how they function in MP and SP. ;)

Thanks for the opinion.

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