Mistvale was a proud town of traders and farmers located at the border between Wulfgar and Hallit until the Mage Wars broke out and Isamo Tahar's men plundered and burned down the town. The Houses of Wulfgar and Hallit want to secure their border and claim this town as their new territory. Both houses won't accept that the other house will gain any more territory and secure it with pure force if it is necessary... and so the people Mistvale were not only the victims of the Mage Wars, but also now the frontline of a conflict between the houses of Wulfgar and Hallit. Making them Refugees like all the other victims of the Mage War's.

[Event-PVP] Mistvale

Very good map! Please add more we really need more maps like this!

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Unreal_NeoX Author

there are more maps for the later Sf3 games (also here on this website)

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