This is my first map made with the HPL engine tools, using materials and textures from Amnesia : The Dark Descent. There is no goal to this map. I created a timelapse of creating this level, watch it below.

enclosedmap - My First Map
LokesFury - - 116 comments

Great job dude, Well done.

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Dark-Star - - 2 comments

I haven't seen a one-room fanwork this good since the ZZT game "Burger Joint" in the dusty old days of DOS!

You managed to demonstrate so much in so little space it's not even funny. Breakable objects, mood-setting, furnishings, supplies in drawers and chests, appropriate lighting, and interactiveness.

I'm also just getting started with Amnesia's SDK and found this a tremendous source of inspiration. Perhaps we could team up to make a 'tutorial level' for fellow newbies? With a little polish (like some particle systems and environment sounds) this could be the start of something awesome. Maybe we could even add developer comments if you're good with that?

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H&KAllTheWay - - 9 comments

Very good looking first immersive map. Keep up the good work. Love the idea of having to collect a certain amount of coins to open up higher valued chests.

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chimpching - - 13 comments


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andyrockin123 - - 11 comments

Not bad for your first map; a few overlapping textures (i.e. walls), you should also consider doing billboards for your windows. Good job tho

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Amnelias - - 128 comments

What to do? How to go future? There is nothing to do!

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Zlandael Author
Zlandael - - 292 comments

Ok this map is bordering 'ooo the sdk is released let me make a map' so it's nothing of an Amnesia mod quality.

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Guest - - 692,451 comments

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