Readme: Eclipse Installation: put the images in Dungeon Keeper 2\Data\editor\maps\Thumbnails and the rest you put in Dungeon Keeper 2\Data\editor\maps\ Info: In this rar you will only a Skirmish map.(because player 3 has a great advantage and player2 a great disadvantage over player 1) Size: 100X100 If you want you can edit the map to make it harder or more easy for yourself. If you have any questions or ideas for this map please mail them. Credits: Damien Steenbrink: thats me :) Date map build: (12 till)15/04/08


Very nice looking map.
I'd just want to let you know about a still active Dungeon Keeper Forum -
And was wondering if it would be okay to link it there as well. :]

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[Cos]Damien Author

Yea i know, i am registered there.
And if you want to link be my guest.

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Map is not bad, but in fact it is not balanced and you do not have any chalange. Unabbility to bild bridges is good here, but it is not enought. Heroes must go straight to your dungeon and attack you. And there must be no torture room, course It is very easy to make heroes your allies and the game becomes uninteresting at all.
In fact the idea of a dead keeper is good, but only when you really need his territories. For example he has a training room and it you can not build it. Or the only thing you have is a graveyard and prison (no portal) and you have to handle with an army of heroes with vampires and skeletons.
There is also one point. What makes me enter the room, where about 150 heroes appear? I gues nothing. Also most of the heroes are low level, again no chalenge.
The last thing is the green keeper. You can give him a lot of 10 level monsters, make good traps and so on. When I came to him he killed only 3 monsters of mine.

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