monsters: - most of the monster classes (i.e. "knights", "witches", ...) now have a 5th subtype, in most cases with a new boss - some of the original but inactive bosses have been activated - fallen angels, horned death plus bosses - zamphir on 16 - Diablo always drops an item. You can move while Diablo does his death animation (e.g. to cast a tp or take the item), but if you do not leave lvl 16 while he is dying, the game will end. Will maybe be changed in the future. - overlords/goatmen have an active 2nd attack now (beware!) - winged fiends now can drop items - lvl 31 or above monsters include: Diablo, horned death, fallen angels, soul burners items: - new prefix "shield" (lvl 35) - 6 new base items (high end) with lvl 60: wall shield, war helm, war plate, war axe, great bow, rune sword - requirements have been changed (upped) for some items - new base item "crossbow" (built-in fast attack) - maul is now one-handed - 2-h swords have built-in fastest attack & more...

Diablo Varaya & Khan's Diablo Mod v1.07
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