The remastered stereo version of the Doom 3 theme song from Doom Eternal, edited for the intro splash and ending credits, as well as the full song during the main menu. The original is a mono ogg file with a sample rate of 22.05kHz, and the remaster is a 16-bit 48000kHz wav file, extracted using Ravioli Game Tools, downsampled to 44.1kHz to play in Doom 3's engine. Editing was done in Pro Tools, I recreated the same edits as the original, down to the waveforms. The logo theme still uses the original mono version where sound effects are present, but I widened the stereo field and layered the stereo remaster underneath to fit more seamlessly. If I can find the original sound effects then I can recreate the entire thing. For the first part of the end credit song, I added a subtle reverb tail at the break to fade more naturally.

D3 Theme Remastered

Thank you for the effort! Good job!

To users: to unpack the archive change the extension from .rar to .7z.

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