In 1943, in the Russian front, the decorated leader Ralf Steinhauer is promoted to Sergeant after another successful mission. Meanwhile the upper-class and arrogant Prussian Captain Hauptmann Stransky is assigned as the new commander of his squad. After a bloody battle of Steinhauer's squad against the Russian troops led by the brave Lieutenant Meyer that dies in the combat, the coward Stransky claims that he led his squad against the Russian and requests to be awarded with the Iron of Cross to satisfy his personal ambition together with his aristocratic family. Stransky gives the names of Steinhauer and of the Lieutenant Triebig as witnesses of his accomplishment, but Steinhauer, who has problems with the chain of command in the army and with the arrogance of Stransky, refuses to participate in the fraud. When Colonel Brandt gives the order to leave the position in the front, Stransky does not retransmit the order to Steinhauer's squad...

Cross of Iron
bosnian_dragon - - 190 comments

I'll be sure to check this out :) Great screenshots!

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Attila1945 - - 876 comments

Hey, I love the film. I will check this.

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cokesgreat - - 3 comments

Amazing map man

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Nuupa - - 5 comments


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