Size 25 X 58, File Size 26.5mb, Minimum Ram 128Mb+, Max Players 2-7. REVISION This revision (V2) is issued to correct an error where invisible metal tiles were not placed on the central three forts of the map. Rather, they were placed on the map I play, just not on the original uploaded to the site... Oooops... please redownload map to fix error. Inspired by Burning Woods by Pierre-Be, taken to hopefully new and glorious graphical heights... A large north south map. Wotan's Creon Tileset conversion and Jodark/Weirdly's Creon Tri-level addition are used. Map supports 5 players... 1 and 3 at top, 2 and 4 at bottom, 5 in center, 6 and 7 on side-center platforms. Creon Fort areas are overlaid with invisible metal tiles. Roads are NOT metal. There is basically no other metal on the map, save a few metal pits inside small bermed forts and near bridges for use with Arm Devestator cannons (Uberhack or THE PACK). Geo Vents are liberally used and are placed in defensive positions for Behemoths

Creon Burning Woods V2
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