rc3 changelog —————- *removed main door on last *fixed the one way doors launching you up *removed the window alcove on last right of main door *clipped the large pipes on left side attacking last *made the crates attacking last left side a ramp (no more crouch-jumping) *enlarged the small ramp onto last right side and the area around it moving the main stairs forward *made a ramp of the left side (defending last perspective) *removed railings from high platform on last *removed pipes on last catwalk *removed hole on last catwalk *removed the first railing on dropdown (easier to jump up and to drop down) *enlarged the second set of doors on the first spawn *moved first spawn positions back *removed the annoying railing on second balcony *removed the second small doorframe on mid cavehouse *clipped the areas on top of second *added a railing so scouts can jump from cavehouse to cp2 catwalk going up to roof

CP Bazillion
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